Life Members

Life membership of the Northvale Netball Club is an honour bestowed on individual club members whose exceptional, loyal and outstanding service and contribution has provided a measurable benefit to the club over an extended period of time. It is recognised as the highest recognition that can be awarded to a member in acknowledgement of exceptional service and contribution. Life membership of the Northvale Netball Club may be awarded after 10 years of outstanding services and contributions to the club, as well as adhering to the following criteria:


  • Netball: Minimum of 7 years’ service in an official capacity with a minimum of 4 years on the committee.
  • As well as the stated periods of service to the Clubs, nominees should have rendered a quality of service that has made a significant contribution to the Club of which they will be made a life member.
  • Life Membership is to be awarded in recognition of outstanding long service to the club; they have completed all positions, tasks and jobs for the better of the club.
  • Life membership is something to which many aspire but few achieve.
  • A maximum of 2 nominations per year per Club may be made for and seconded by a current committee member.
  • A comprehensive list of considerations of “Outstanding Service” is to be forwarded with the nomination, signed by both nominator and seconder.
  • Recipients must have either Coached or Umpired during their time on the committee
  • An outstanding contribution is something no one has done before you, or is not likely to do in the near future.


Life Members

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LIFE MEMBERS of the Northvale Netball Club Inc

Since our establishment in 1975, the following members have received Life Membership of the Northvale Netball Club Inc in the following years:

  • Sue Connell 1985
  • Mary Beswick 1985
  • Helen Turnbull 1985
  • Nancy Peterson 1985
  • Max Bartlett 1987
  • Annette Smith 1988
  • Bob Cousins 1992
  • Sandra Smith 1995
  • Sandra Durham 1996
  • Sally Robertson 1997
  • Marlene Carson 1999
  • Yvonne Armstrong 2001
  • Denise King 2011
  • Sandra Gunther 2011
  • Meaghan Ryan 2015
  • Carley Armstrong 2017
  • Jo Hewett 2019

In January 2007, Northvale lost our first life member, Bob Cousins. Bob had been around the club for years, almost since it began in 1975. He coached for the club for many years, mainly concentrating on juniors. He was a statistics man and wrote the club’s first history book. In his honor the committee nominated a new award – The Bob Cousins Memorial Trophy. It was agreed this award would be presented to a 15 & under player for the further development of their netball skills.

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