Northvale’s uniform must be worn by all players on game days. This consists of an A-line dress or shorts and shirt. Junior players must also wear the Northvale Training Top to training each week. Junior players who are new to Northvale will receive their first training top free of charge. Other current optional uniform items include the Northvale hoodie*, Northvale socks and Northvale beanie.

*From 2024, the Northvale hoodie will become compulsory for all players to wear to training and  games.

If you wish to buy 2nd hand uniform items, please contact our Uniform Coordinator.

Players wishing to sell uniform items are encouraged to bring items to training or game day and hand to our Uniform Coordinator. All items must be placed in a zip lock bag including an envelope with seller’s name, list of items being sold and expected cost for each item. Our Uniform Coordinator will hold all items for sale until sold. Once sold, cash from sold items will be returned in the provided envelope to the selling player.

Any questions regarding uniforms, orders and 2nd hand purchases/sales can be sent to our Uniform
Coordinator at northvaleuniform@gmail.com

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