Sandra Gunther Spirit Award

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Latest news

Congratulations Carly Hewett!

Congratulations Carly Hewett on being awarded your A Grade badge at the Victorian Netball League last week! You are so dedicated to your netball and umpiring. You inspire so many up and coming netballers in our community. Northvale is so proud of you!

Sandra Gunther Spirit Award

In recognition of Sandra Gunther – presentation speech written by Jacqueline Riddiford, June 2022: “Our senior mid-year presentation night provides us with an opportunity to celebrate all the wonderful achievements our senior players and coaches have made over the Autumn season at Waverley. This evening is also special as we also celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of our longest serving club person. A person who demonstrates dedication, commitment and integrity. A person who is loved and respected by all that have had the privilege of getting to know her, either through her work on committee, a player in her team, or an umpire that she’s organised. That person, is Sandra Gunther.

Sandra has been part of the Northvale Netball Club family for over 30 years, beginning when her daughter Kate joined as a junior player. Since this time, Sandra has been devoted to Northvale Netball Club through her many roles over the years: Sandra has been a longstanding committee member, serving as club secretary from 1999-2005, vice president in 2006, and is the current umpire’s coordinator – a role that she has held since 2010. She currently coaches the Northvale SPs and has been a committed and dedicated Open coach for the past 20 years. Additionally, she currently coaches a team on a Monday night who won their Grand Final this past Autumn season. She was also a previous Northvale player from 1997-2010, finishing on a total of 187 games. Notably she played until the age of 60 – a moment of which she, and the Northvale Netball Club family, are super proud of. She was also the recipient of the President’s award in 2003 and the Helen Turnbull Trophy in 2019. Finally, for her outstanding service to the Northvale Netball Club, Sandra was made a life member in 2011.

Overall, Sandra demonstrates what it means to be Northvale Netball Club person. A person of unwavering commitment and dedication, the biggest cheerleader of the girls she coaches, always assisting whenever she can. Many of us here tonight have known Sandra for many years and appreciate the special role that she’s had in our lives through our friendship with her. Always asking how you are, showing genuine interest and care in what you do. Northvale Netball Club has truly been a better club for having Sandra and the contributions that she has made.

Given this, it is our privilege to announce the creation of a new perpetual award, the Sandra Gunther Spirit Award. This award will be presented yearly to a club person who embodies the best of us – in their generosity of spirit and their contribution to the health and growth of our club. They exhibit a strong sense of community and outstanding dedication, unwavering in their support. Their passion, positivity and commitment exemplify what it means to be a member of the Northvale Netball Club. In addition to the creation of this award, it is also our honour to announce the first recipient of the Sandra Gunther Spirit Award. A person who embodies all of these qualities: Sandra Gunther herself. Can you all join me in not only congratulating Sandra on her achievements, but to also thank her for everything that she has brought to and continues to bring to this club that we all love.”